Business English for Executives


The Business Writing course has been designed to develop effective skills in workplace written communication. This includes letter/memo, email, reports and meeting minutes. Business vocabulary is also extensively covered in order that participants can appropriately use words in business context.

The course has two modules Pre Intermediate and Intermediate levels consisting of 24 hours each- total 48 hours. At the Pre Intermediate level participants learn the basics of writing, vocabulary, essential grammar and choice of words. At the Intermediate level the participants are taught contextual writing with intensive classroom practice.


Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will learn the process of writing in business context
  • To create awareness of appropriate use of business vocabulary
  • Choice of words and phrases in writing business messages
  • Knowing the correct structure of writing business documents
  • Developing skills of writing meeting agenda and minutes


  1. Preparing to Write
  2. Business Vocabulary
  3. Essential Grammar
  4. Choice of words in writing business messages
  5. Business Letters and Memos
  6. E mail writing
  7. Business Reports
  8. Writing meeting agenda and minutes


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