IELTS Test Dates

Upcoming IELTS Dates

Month Date Module
April 25 April 19 AC
27 April 19 AC & GT
May 4 May 19 AC
11 May 19 AC & GT
18 May 19 AC
23 May 19 AC & GT
June 1 June 19 AC & GT
13 June 19 AC
22 June 19 AC
29 June 19 AC & GT
  • Before you register for your exam, please look at the information below
  1.         Registration fee is 17,000 BDT
  2.         Valid Passport's and its Photocopy


Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Your Speaking test may be scheduled on the same day as the other sections, or on a different day within seven days before or two days after your main test day. The test centre will send you a confirmation email mentioning the Speaking Test date and venue, five days before the main test date. 



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