Why WINGS Learning Centre

Training and workshops have become imperative in today’s fast-evolving business scenario. This process involves an expert interaction of learners and trainers to transfer areas of knowledge and skills to help learners enhance effectiveness in their workplace.


WINGS Learning Centre (WLC) helps organizations to improve their performance. Our customized programs are a powerful way in which businesses and corporations can address their unique challenges quickly and effectively. We can customize our existing offerings or design new courses to address clients’ needs with the utmost care. The first step to customization is conducting training needs analysis and pre course assessment.


Another essential component of customized training is assessment and providing feedback to participants and clients based on that assessment. We believe that simple delivering training is only half of the challenge; ensuring that participants develop their knowledge and skills and can effectively apply those in their workplace to get the desired outcome is the other half. Therefore, assessment and feedback are critical components of our training program.


Please contact us for more information on how we can customize our training programs to suit your needs and requirements.


WINGS Learning Centre is where you build your future.