About Us

WINGS Learning Center (WLC) has been in operation as a leading education provider since 2000 and previously known as Victoria University, Australia in Bangladesh. We have been committed to provide with relentless extraordinary language learning and Business executive development programs since inception. Wings Learning Center has become a trusted professional and career development partner for visionary and careerist learners in the competitive era of globalization. WINGS Learning Center (WLC) is a full-service, year-round language training and testing services organization. WLC is one of Bangladesh’s oldest language training institutions and British Council test center (Both IELTS & O Level). Since its establishment, WINGS has helped students to learn English and to continue their studies at so many universities globally. We provided MBA with partnership of Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia till 2009. And, we also support and run a range of CPD course on modern and contemporary Business Management and Development Economics matters in place. We have a research department developed and aimed to lead Economic Development Agenda and to train, to make routine research to aid Policy Makers in Bangladesh towards success of Economic Development in Bangladesh ahead.


Mission Statement 

To be the premier educational institution in providing high-quality, affordable and accessible educational programmes serving the needs of business, industry and the diverse campus communities and facilitating the personal and professional development of its students, faculty and staff.

To offer opportunities to students/Learners from across the globe by encouraging them to reach their potentials through communicative and flexible teaching and learning strategies. Also to contribute a fair share in social development by offering opportunities of employment as well as career development to our students. Satisfying the diverse needs and expectations of all members of this institute and community by creating an environment of tolerance, care, professionalism and regulatory compliance.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the ‘provider of choice’ of learning and development solutions in the market we serve. We design and deliver high quality, original learning and development solutions that meet our client’s organizational needs. We are devoted to inspiring people to realize their full potential through a wealth of learning solutions that is engaging, innovative and challenging.

To be a student-centered, dynamic and innovative, unique class campus of WLC-Wings learning Center, promoting excellence in teaching and learning, serving diverse communities and producing lifelong learners who can compete globally.


WINGS Learning Centre is where you build your future.